Ruthless Copywriting Strategie Seminar By T.J. Rohleder

Are you struggling to write copy that converts?

Do you feel like your writing lacks the power to truly persuade your audience?

If so, you're not alone. Many people struggle with copywriting, but the good news is that it's a skill that can be learned.

Introducing the Ruthless Copywriting Strategies Seminar by T.J. Rohleder. In this audio program, you'll learn the most effective techniques for writing copy that sells.

Here are 10 benefits you can expect from the Ruthless Copywriting Strategies Seminar:

  1. Learn how to write headlines that grab attention and compel your audience to read on.
  2. Discover the secrets to crafting persuasive body copy that convinces your prospects to take action.
  3. Master the art of storytelling and learn how to use it to sell your products or services.
  4. Understand the psychology behind why people buy and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.
  5. Learn how to write powerful calls to action that drive conversions.
  6. Discover how to make your copy more visually appealing and engaging.
  7. Get insider tips on how to research your audience and tailor your copy to their needs and desires.
  8. Learn how to write copy that speaks directly to your audience's pain points and offers a solution.
  9. Find out how to use social proof to increase credibility and trust in your brand.
  10. Learn how to test and optimize your copy for even better results.

By mastering these copywriting strategies, you'll be able to create copy that not only sells your products or services, but also builds lasting relationships with your customers.

But don't just take our word for it. 

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

"I was blown away by the insights in this program. T.J. really knows his stuff and his strategies have helped me increase my conversions dramatically." - Samantha T.

"This program is a game-changer. I've been struggling with copywriting for years, but after implementing T.J.'s strategies, I've seen a massive improvement in my results." - John P.

So if you're ready to take your copywriting to the next level and start seeing real results, sign up for the Ruthless Copywriting Strategies Seminar today.

THREE Direct-Response Marketing experts give you
their ULTIMATE copywriting secrets, including…

The Secret 7-Step Blueprint
To Writing A Sales Letter
That QUICKLY Makes You Many Millions Of Dollars!

Dear friend,

You are just ONE sales letter away from making millions of dollars.

That’s a mighty bold statement…

… and yet, IT’S TRUE!

In fact – all of the money that you want and need is out there waiting for you... All you have to do is write a powerful sales letter that compels people to gladly hand over their money in exchange for all the benefits you promised to give to them.

Yes, it’s as simple as that.

And it’s easy, too, once you have our top-secret 7-step blueprint.

As you’ll see – this blueprint makes writing multi-million dollar sales letters fast and easy. It’s like a recipe that you can use to create all of the cash flow you want – anytime you want it!

Does this sound too good to be true?


And yet it is the gospel truth!

And when you invest in our valuable RUTHLESS COPYWRITING SECRETS Audio Program it will prove to you – beyond any doubt you may have...

For now – let me give you the single greatest marketing secret that anyone gave to me. Are you ready? Okay, here we go;. The first time we hired marketing legend; Russ von Hoelscher – to work with us – he told me something that ended up making me millions of
dollars. It can help you make millions of dollars too. Here it is.

My wife, Eileen and I picked Russ up at the airport and drove him to our farm house that was an hour away.

During this 60 minute drive we were chatting away about all of the greatest aspects of the direct-response marketing business. When all of a sudden Russ said these words; “All it takes is just one very simple sales letter to make a million dollars!”

I about drove the car off the road!

Russ said these words in such a simple matter of fact way – and yet they hit me like a bolt of lightning from the sky!

Russ was sitting in the back seat of our tiny little car and I was watching him from the rear view mirror as he spoke these words... And I become so excited that I almost put the car in the ditch!

You see – at that time a million dollars seemed like all the money in the world to me...

That was the spring of 1989 – we had just gotten off to a nice start – and making around $16,000.00 a month. Then we met Russ and hired him as our personal consultant to help us make more money... And when he said those words to us in the car – they hit me with the force of a religious revelation! The impact those words had on me were so powerful and overwhelming and at the risk of sounding too overly-dramatic – those 12 words transformed my life forever!

Yes, that sounds crazy – and yet it’s the truth!

Those plain and simple words that Russ said to us as a very natural part of the conversation we were having changed my entire life. Russ said many things after that on the one hour drive to our farm house in Goessel, Kansas – but I never heard one of them – I kept looking at him in the rear view mirror and continued to nod my head as if I was listening to what he was saying – but I did not hear a single word of it. Instead those 12 words kept playing inside my head – over and over again – like an endless looped tape or a broken record...

I could have stopped the car right then and there... turned the car around – headed back to the Wichita, Kansas airport pulled out our checkbook and paid Russ for the weekend of consulting and still received our money’s worth!

That one idea become my own private mantra – it was and is one of the central ideas that remains with me today... It is one of the greatest marketing truths I have every heard.

And best of all –

Those 12 simple words can be worth a huge fortune to you – just as they have been to me and my wife Eileen.

Yes, these 12 simple words “All it takes is just one very simple sales letter to make a million dollars!”

Because the foundation of all of our wealth – they have made us millions of dollars and they can make you millions of dollars, too!

When Russ first gave those words to us – it was 1985 and our direct-response marketing business was bringing in an average of $16,000.00 a month – which is more money than we had ever made in our entire lives...

But thanks to those words it was soon to get much better.

In fact, within only nine months from the time that fateful day in 1989 our income took off like a rocket to mars! Thanks to that one secret – and the help that Russ von Hoelscher gave to us – to put it into action – we suddenly went from $16,000.00 a month to almost $100,000.00 a week... And we did it all in only nine short months!

Yes, within 9 short months from the time
Russ gave us this simple secret – we were
generating almost $100,000.00 a week!

And that was just the start! Within less than 5 short years we had generated over ten million dollars ... and almost all of this money came to us because of this one simple and yet amazingly powerful secret! So there you have it – that’s the best proof I can give to you that this simple secret really can bring you millions of dollars. Please don’t let this secret fool you. Like all of the other things we have to teach you – it is simple – and yet it really can and will make you a huge fortune – if – you use it the way we will show and tell you on our Ruthless copywriting strategies program.

This amazing program contains 3-full days of hard-core wealth making information that we delivered to a very small group of our best clients.

Yes, we spent 3 full days giving our clients the best of the best of all of our best-kept and little-known formulas and strategies that have made us millions of dollars... AND NOW THESE ULTIMATE SECRETS ARE YOURS!

This event started with our very simple 7 step blueprint for writing a sales letter that can bring you many millions of dollars in cold hard cash in no time flat! And if they were the only secret we gave to you on this powerful recordings it would be more than worth it for you to invest in this program and play it again and again for the next 30 days... But wait this 7 step blue-print is only one of the many rare and unusual multi-million dollar secrets we freely shared for this 3 day recorded event.

There’s more – much, much more!

In fact, we built this entire Ruthless Copywriting strategies around a grand total of 17 powerful strategies and methods... I already told you about first one, which is the 7 step blue print for writing a sales letter that can quickly bring you many millions of dollars in the fastest time.

Now it’s time to tell you about the 16 additional strategies that can make you the huge fortune you want...

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #2:

The top 10 copywriting secrets that have been wroth many millions of dollars to me – can make you a HUGE fortune! Best of all – nobody else will ever give you all ten of these amazing secrets.

The ability to write ads and sales letters and web site copy that makes huge numbers of people want to do business with you instead of all of the other places they could be spending their money is the single greatest marketing skill you can master.

And yes – you really can master this skill. All you need are two things:

1. The desire to learn how to do it.

2. The best-kept secrets that other highly successful copy writers are using to create powerful sales material that compels a huge number of people to give them money on a regular basis.

Yes, armed with these two things – you can quickly develop this amazing slam that will let you turn your simple words into huge sums of cash!

And this is great news for you – because if you will supply the desire (step one) – then I will take it from there and show you my most cherished and time tested secrets for writing powerful ads and sales letters that compel large numbers of people to give you their money ... right away! It took me well over 20 years to discover these proven multi-million dollar secrets. Now I will gladly give all of them to you! This can be your ultimate shortest secret to quickly writing powerful ads, sales letters and web site copy that makes people want to give their money to you!

Consider this:

Having the ability to sit down and write a simple sales letter that instantly causes thousands of people to pull out their checkbooks and credit cards and give their money to you is one of the greatest – if not “THE” greatest feelings you will ever experience in your entire lifetime!

Again – that is such a bold and outrageous statement and yet it is the truth!

You see – as my mentor Russ von Hoelscher taught me back in the early 1990’s – “all it takes is just one sales letter to make millions of dollars!” he was right! And thanks to him and a few other great marketing masters such as Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Bob Stone, Alan Bechtold, Jeff Gardner, Chris Lakey, Gary Halbert, Ken Pedersen, and Eric Bechtold – and others – I have discovered the ultimate little-known secret and strategies that have let me make millions of dollars from just one simple sales letter...

Now I will show and tell you exactly how to do it!

You will sit back and be shocked and amazed when you discover my ten greatest direct mail secrets – these powerful secrets are the best-of-the-best everything that I have ever uncovered and used to turn my own simple words into many millions of dollars – now they will be your ultimate shortcut secrets to bringing in your own multi-million dollars fortune!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #3:

The 3 step marketing formula that never fails!
Best of all – it is so simple and easy a 12 year old child can fully understand it! There are only
32 very simple words in this 3-step formula – and yet each one could be worth a million dollars or more to you over the life of your business!

Forget all of the complicated marketing nonsense! If the only marketing formula you had were these 3 simple steps – it would be worth it! This is the amazing way to get huge sums of cash anytime and it truly can never fail. If you are searching for a fail proof plan to make the largest sum of money – this is it!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #4:

you can dominate your market –
even if you have almost no money
or are just getting started.

The secret to dominating your market is to find the weakest areas in all of your customers and then exploit them... And this is exactly what you’ll be doing with this amazingly simple marketing secret! You will instantly understand the three biggest reasons why all of your competitors are very weak marketers... Once you know that – you will have a major competitive advantage over them.

Like all of our marketing methods – this secret is very simple – and yet it contains the power to let you become a dominate player in your market from day one!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #5:

The two greatest marketing principles on earth – and how to let them bring you massive profits! Best of all – as you will see – very few other people are using these two explosive marketing principles... Because of this – the demand for what they offer greatly exceeds the supply! In other words – this gives you a major edge over all of the people you compete with on a daily basis.

I will take you by the hand and show you why these two little-known marketing principles are vital to your success – and how to use them to bring in such a large amount of profitable repeat business – that your competitors will be green with envy!

Yes, you will drive your competitors crazy because they want to know what you are doing to be so successful... And most of them will never be able to figure it out – even when they do all they can to spy on you.

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #6:

10 Simple and easy things you can do
– RIGHT NOW – to turn your business
into a powerful money-machine!

Yes, you can let these 10 simple strategies transform your business into a money machine that cranks out HUGE PROFITS each and every day!

These 10 methods boil down the best-of-the-best of all of our proven strategies – they are your clear and simple roadmap on your road to riches. In fact, if all you had were these 10 powerful strategies – and nothing else – you could instantly transform your business and crank out massive profits!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #7:

How to become a marketing genius
in only 10 simple and easy steps!

As you know by now – the key to making the maximum amount of money in the minimum time is marketing. The better marketer you are – the more money you will make. It’s as simple as that.

And best of all…

Marketing is the most thrilling and exciting thing
you will ever do in your business!

It’s true – there is a bit of a learning curve you must go through at first – but once you get past it – you are in for the most fun and excitement you have ever felt since you first started your business. The secret is to get very good at becoming a great marketer and to do it in the fastest time possible. And that’s exactly what these 10 secrets will do for you! Each one is simple ... easy to do ... and can make you a marketing genius in no time flat! Once that happens – the sales and profits will come pouring in to you like a broken water faucet!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #8:

The six powerful needs that make your prospects spend all of their money on whatever you sell.

As you know – the secret to getting super rich is to re-sell the largest amount of your products and services to the largest number of customers for the biggest margin of profit for each transaction.

Yes, it’s that simple!

But how do you do it?

That’s the $64,000.00 question, isn’t it?

Well now I will answer this question for you once and for all! You see – all of the actions that people take – including the action of giving you their money is to fill certain needs they have. Once you know what these needs are and what’s behind them – you will possess the golden key to get them to keep coming back and giving you more of their money! And that’s great news for you! Because as you’ll see – there are only six basic human needs that drive all behavior. Yes, these six needs cause you and me to do everything we do!

Once you know what these six needs are – you will have the kind of marketing power that none of your competitors have! It’s true: You competition only knows about the SURFACE REASONS that make the customers in your market buy... They have never thought about the fundamental emotional reasons behind all the money that people in your market are trying to fulfill when they spend their hard-earned money... Because of this- their marketing will always be shallow and ineffective.

But you will not make this mistake!

Once you know and understand the six fundamental needs of all human behavior – you will have the golden key to developing the kinds of products and services that fill these needs in the kind of way that none of your competitors will even be able to fill... Because of this – you’ll be giving the people in your market something that they simply cannot get anywhere else! This will let you quickly dominate your market! And because your competitors do not understand any of these deep needs and desires – there is no way they will ever be able to copy what you are doing!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #9:

Why 99% of all of the “How To Succeed
In Business” books are loaded with lies
and will never make you any money.

Once you understand this secret – you may want to throw all of your “how to succeed” books in a great big pile – throw on some gasoline – and light a match! Better still – why not box ‘em up and ship them to your competitor (anonymously, of course!)... Then they will use all of the stupid lies in these books while you are armed with the truth – and kicking their ass in your market!

These are strong words and I don’t blame you if you do not believe me and yet the fact that most books on success and business are loaded with pure nonsense that will never make you any substantial amount of money is the truth! And I’ll prove it to you – beyond any doubt!

The first time you read this secret – you will be SHOCKED – just like I was... But even though you’ll be shocked – you will know that it is true... And once the shock wears off – you’ll be mad as hell! You will feel lied to and cheated by all the scammers who sell this worthless garbage and prey on those of us who are trying to make more money and have all of the best things that life and business have to offer.

But even though this secret will make you very angry – it will also liberate you! Yes, as corny as it may sound – this great truth will set you free!

It will set you free to make more money
than you have ever made it your life!

This is exactly what happened to me when I first discovered this great truth. I was angry at all of the experts who are leading good people astray – but I was also GREATLY EMPOWERED by the simple fact that almost everyone I was competing against were also blindly following these worthless lies... This gave an incredible amount of power that I used to dominate my market. Once you have this amazingly simple but highly controversial secret – you will do this, too!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #10:

The 3 simple and easy steps you can do anytime you need more money! These 3-Steps produce all of the quick cash flow you need to solve any business problems! They produce huge sums of money like magic anytime you need it!

Best of all – these 3 steps are so easy to understand and simple to do that you’ll find yourself using them over and over again!

These will always be hard times when business is slow... There are the periods when all of the companies in your market are suffering greatly – But you do not have to suffer!

Yes, this emergency money maker lets you create positive cash flow at will! Just keep using these 3 simple and easy steps over and over again to instantly and automatically get all the money you want, whenever you want it!

Does that sound too good to be true?

Probably. But it is true!

And once you read these 3 simple steps (which only contain a total of 19 words!) You’ll know it! And because you know it – you will have the awesome power to create positive cash flow any time you want it. You must know this amazingly simple secret! It alone will pay for this entire program many times over.

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #11:

The 4 foundational steps
that can quickly give you
millions of dollars in cash!

These four steps are like the secret combination that unlocks the GIANT SAFE that’s loaded with a fortune... You turn the dial the right way and all of the money is yours!

I’m serious about this! These 4 simple steps really can produce millions of dollars in cold hard cash! They are the foundation of the huge fortune you see! Just crank the dials on this safe the right way and all the money will come flowing to you! Best of all – this can be an endless flow of money that comes RUSHING to you and never stops!

These 4 steps are the foundation of all the money you’ll ever want and need. They are the formula for riches – that you can use anytime you need a windfall of cash...

Have you ever dreamed of making millions of dollars? If so – you’re going to go crazy over this simple, but powerful 4-step formula! This truly is the recipe for making millions of dollars! Once you know this simple formula – you can begin to develop the ultimate plan that can create a huge thunderstorm of money that will rain down on you!

If you have ever wandered about the REAL SECRET to getting super wealth – then look no further! You are in for quite a shock! You see – although this 4-step formula only contains 13 tiny words – it could literally be worth many millions of dollars to you! This simple formula is the rock solid foundation that is bringing other people millions of dollars right now! Yes, right now, as you read these words a huge abundance of money is pouring in for the small group who understood this simple formula…

… and now YOU will be one of these lucky few!

We will carefully go over all 4 of these powerful steps and show you EXACTLY how they contain an awesome amount of synergistic power that can lead to mega riches for you!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #12:

The 10 commandments of marketing ...
and why almost all of your competitors
are breaking each one on a daily basis!

Once you have these 10 commandments – you will have the power to completely dominate your market. A new feeling of power and confidence will surge through your blood!

You’ll instantly feel powerful and strong because you will know – beyond any doubt at all – that none of your competitors understood and use these 10 simple but little – known commandments – in fact, you will quickly see how your competitors are breaking most of these commandments right now!

This will change the way you think and feel about the people and companies you compete with on a daily basis – one minute – you were worried about them and the fact that they are actively trying to take away your best customers and put you out of business... (And the next minute after you read these commandments) You will instantly become EMPOWERED with the new knowledge that even your BIGGEST competitors are lousy marketers!

 You will become embolden!

 You will feel empowered!

 And now you will be ready, willing, and able to take the right action that lead to taking all of the business away from them!

All of the marketing principles we teach relate back to these powerful 10 commandments of marketing. These are 10 most powerful principles you can use in your business to quickly bring in huge sums of money and keep it coming to you. And the part that will shock you is the fact that most of your competitors are breaking these commandments on a daily basis – this is the weakness in their armor! And once you know these commandments you will pierce through their weak spots and kill them!

The Greek billionaire, Aristotle Onasis said, “The secret to business is to know something that none of your competitors know” he was right! And that’s why you will be so excited and amazed when you discover these 10 simple but powerful commandments of marketing!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #13:

The 9 ways you are losing a ton of money that could and should be yours ... just stop making these 9 mistakes and you can DOUBLE your sales and profits in the next 30 to 45 days!

Yes, you really can increase your sales and profits by 2 to 3 times in as little as one month! That may be hard to believe – I know – in fact – it may be especially hard to believe if you have been trying many different things and having almost no luck at all...

And yet it is the gospel truth!

After many years on solid marketing research – we have uncovered the 9 critical mistakes that almost all marketers are making! And once you look them over – you’ll take your hand and hit yourself over the head – because you’ll see that you are also making these 9 major mistakes. “Why didn’t I see that?” You’ll say...and you will be angry, and excited at the same time!

You’ll be angry with yourself for not realizing
these simple secrets – but you will not stay angry for long!

Your anger will quickly turn into excitement! Yes, you will be thrilled to know that you are not alone in making these terrible mistakes... In fact – the most you think about them and pay close attention to all of the marketing that is being done by everyone else – the more you will see that you are alone! You will quickly wake up to the most amazing fact of all – that almost everyone around you is also guilty of making these nine MAJOR marketing mistakes. Suddenly – a huge weight will be lifted from your shoulders! You will suddenly feel lighter ... taller ... and more powerful! And you will be more powerful! After all – the meaning of the word “power” is the ability to take action ... and armed with these powerful secrets you will suddenly be able to take all of the right actions that can double your profits in no time flat!

Understanding these 9 major mistakes will open your eyes to a whole new world of power and profits! Yes, you will feel as if you have been wearing dark sunglasses indoors... Once you know these major mistakes – the dark glasses will be removed and a whole new world will be revealed to you! I know that sounds corny – And it’s the gospel truth! This one powerful secret alone will transform your business overnight!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #14:

The 5 major keys to all the wealth you seek.
These are the FIVE MAJOR KEY ingredients
that every single project you get involved with must have – if you want to make the largest amount of money in the fastest time...

Any 2 or 3 of these key ingredients can make you huge sums of money but together all five – can make you more money than you ever dreamed possible!

Best of all – once you fully understand what these 5 key ingredients are – you will never waste you precious time on any project that does not have all five of these vital key ingredients to wealth this one major marketing secret will make you the MAXIMUM sum of money in the minimum time with the least amount of effort. In fact, once you fully understand these 5-keys to wealth you will have the power to create as much money as you want – for as long as you want.

You will never waste your time with money-making projects that do not have all five of these key ingredients and you will have the ability to instantly know if which opportunities will make you the largest sums of money and which ones will only waste your time.

Armed with this knowledge – you will be able to pick
the few multi-million dollar “winners” in the large dream of opportunities that will never make you any substantial sums of money. And because of this – you will continue getting richer!

All of the people around you will watch you bringing in massive sums of money with very little effort and think you just got lucky – but you will be smiling inside – with the full knowledge that “luck” had nothing to do with it... No the only reason all of this money is rushing to you is because you are only getting involved in the projects that have all 5 of these important wealth making keys...

Listen – if this one vital marketing secret of picking the winners before you spend one minute of your time and money on a new business opportunity can be worth a huge fortune to you and save you form all of the headache, hassles, and frustrations that other people are going through each and every day.

You’re going to love this because it will be your secret weapon of wealth!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #15:

SIX little known secret to making millions of dollars with Direct Mail. As you’ll see; these are the SIX DIRECT-MAIL SECRETS that can make you more money than all of the other marketing methods you use – combined!

Yes, that’s another mighty bold statement that I’m making to you – and yet as with everything else in this letter – it just so happens to be true!

Mastering the art and science of direct mail marketing is the #1 secret that is quietly making a huge fortune for other people as you are reading this – and when I say it’s “quietly” making them a fortune – I mean it!

You see – unlike most other marketing that all of your competitors can easily see and copy – direct mail marketing is known as…

Stealth Marketing!

You are probably familiar with the stealth fighter jet that is undetectable by radar. This is a revolutionary war machine because it can quickly fly into enemy territory – destroy the prime targets – and then get out fast – without being detected by enemy radar.

This supreme fighting machine is the perfect metaphor for direct mail marketing because all of your direct mail sales letters can be mailed to the very best prospective buyers in your target market and do a huge amount of business with these people – before your competitors know about it! They will be powerless to copy you because they can never get a truly clear idea of exactly what you are doing to make all of your money.

A well planned direct mail marketing strategy is your ultimate marketing weapon because it lets you quickly dominate your market by stealing away all of the best prospective repeat buyers and getting them to do business with you instead of all of your competitors.

Listen closely – you must think of your marketing as if you were at war ... and during warfare, you need a handful of good allies – but you must also have a clear idea of who your enemy is and the most effective plan you can find for destroying them as fast as possible. And now this is exactly what you will have! Yes, we have generated tens of millions of dollars in direct mail sales. This has been our #1 stealth marketing fighter jet that has let us do great damage on our competitors by doing the maximum amount of business with the best repeat buyers in our own market – without them being able to know exactly what we are doing or being able to copy us.

And now we will freely give you our six greatest secrets that you can use to make massive sums of money in your own market and get all the best prospective buyers to do business with you instead of your competitors!

These six little known methods will be your ultimate marketing weapon for destroying your competitors and quickly bringing in more money than you can ever imagine right now!

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #16:

The amazing secret that lets you make
BIG money with SMALL numbers!

This one secret will give you a major competitive advantage over all of your competitors!

Yes, one simple secret will make it almost impossible for other people to complete against you.

While other people in your market
are suffering financially –
you can be prospering greatly!

This one secret gives you the edge you need to make the largest amount of money – even if you have slim results from your advertising and marketing. Consider the power you will have – your advertising can product results and you can still end up making enormous sums of money! This alone gives you the kind of strength and power that competitors can only dream of!

Imagine the feeling of confidence you will have when you know that you can still bring in HUGE sums of money – even if – you advertising and marketing only produces small results. This is the kind of strength and power your competitors do not have. When something bad happens to them – it can wipe them out.

But not you!

You can still be going strong – even if you suffer from weak results! This powerful marketing secret is your financial insurance – you will have the full protection you need to make the largest amount of money – no matter what happens! And you can be in a very secure financial position when those around you are struggling.

This is a genuine secret because few of your competitors understand it. Those who do know about it do not know how simple and easy it is to use it... This means when you put this powerful secret into action – you’ll be one if not the only one in your market using it. There are many times when other people you compete with are gone broke and barely making it. But you are sitting pretty. Your bank account will be in good shape. When nobody else’s is.

And best of all –

You’ll have plenty of money left over – each month –
when most of your competitors can barely pay their bills.

This one secret alone can revolutionize your entire business – but when you mix it with the other powerful marketing secrets – in our (name of program) it becomes even more powerful and can make you even more money!

Again – if this were the only secret that you received in this entire program – it would be more than worth it to place your order today... But this is only one of the awesome secrets you’ll be getting. There’s more – much, much more! Read on

> Ruthless Copywriting Strategy #17:

How to get super rich with the top
19 marketing secrets that have
brought us tens of millions of dollars!

All marketing methods are interchangeable.

What do I mean by that?

Simply this: The same methods and strategies that make one person or company millions of dollars can also produce millions of dollars for you! This is one of the most amazing things in the world to me – because it is so simple – and yet many people have never figured it out!

Why this is such a BIG MYSTERY is anyone’s guess. But that’s not the important part.

What is important is the fact that most people do not understand this and that you do!

So do you fully understand this?

If so – I have great news for you:

Now we will raise the curtain and candidly reveal our 19 all-time greatest marketing secrets that have brought us tens of millions of dollars... As you’ll see – they can be your ultimate secrets for making the largest sum of money for yourself and your loved ones!

As you may know – my wife and I started out with a measly $300.00 cash – back in September of 1988. This was all the money we had – and we used it to buy a small ad in a national magazine. It was a hit! Within six months we were raking in an average of $16,000.00 a month. Then we met marketing expert; Russ von Hoelscher and he gave us the first of all the secrets that made our income EXPLODE!

Russ had over 20 years of knowledge and experience when he first began helping us. He knew all the marketing secrets we did not know. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it. And just to prove to you that marketing secrets really are interchangeable – we took the best-of-the-best of all of the powerful and proven ideas Russ gave us – and our income quickly shot up from $16,000.00 a month to almost $100,000.00 a week!

And this $16,000.00 to $100,000.00 a month explosion all happened within the first 9 months of receiving Russ von Hoelscher’s greatest secrets and personal help – and we didn’t stop there! Within 5 years – these powerful marketing secrets generated over ten million dollars for us... And millions more since then.

And now for the ultimate SHOCKER:

This same strategy can make you a huge fortune!

Yes, using the same proven secrets others are using to make their fortune is a simple strategy that can be your golden ticket to all the wealth you have ever dreamed of making!

It’s amazing but true! The same BASIC METHOD that Russ von Hoelscher used to help us go from $16,000.00 a month to many millions of dollars in only a handful of years is now the same secret that can make you all the money you want, need and truly deserve!

I have painstakingly gone back and analyzed all of the greatest marketing secrets that have been most responsible for the tens of millions of dollars we have made... I started with over 100 powerful marketing secrets... And then I kept boiling it down again and again.
And cutting the list until there were only 50 main marketing secrets... Then 30... Then 25...and finally when all of this work was done – only 19 powerful marketing methods were still standing. And now they’re ready for you to prosper with!

I can’t wait to reveal these 19 powerful marketing secrets. Each one is super powerful... Each one has the ability to make you a huge fortune. And together they have even more power to make you even more money than you have ever dreamed possible.

These 19 major secrets will be your blue-print for the millions of dollars you can make! I can’t wait to reveal all of them to you! This alone could be worth millions to you – just as it has been worth millions to me!

To Your Success

Ali Khan

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