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So I’m listening to this guy yammering on about affiliate marketing in a hotel bar after hours at a business conference.


He’s flashing cash, buying drinks and talking big. People are starting to gather around him… like kids swarming an ice cream truck on a hot day with dollar bills clutched in their sweaty fists.

“Traffic is where it’s at,” he proclaims.


His followers press in closer, nodding, seemingly mesmerized as if God himself had come down to earth for a chat.


The dude sits back in his chair, then slowly takes a sip of his top-shelf whiskey on the rocks. Then he adds, “And the real secret to making more sales than everyone else is to add value to an offer.”


The crowd murmurs a bit. More nodding. More pressing closer – I mean if this guy was a candle, his followers would have burnt off their eyebrows since they were sitting so close to him.


Someone else in the crowd calls out from the back… “That’s the key? So if you add a bonus product to every offer you promote, then you’ll become a super affiliate?”


A smile spread slowly over the self-proclaimed guru’s face. It gows so quiet in our corner of the bar that you could hear the ice cubes tinkling together in his glass as he swirls his drink around.


“That’s it,” he says. “That’s the secret.”


Right then I knew he was all hat and no cattle. This guy had no idea about the real secrets of affiliate marketing.


Sure, adding value to an offer helps with conversion rates. But if he was seriously saying that adding value is THE secret to generating lots of sales, then I was willing to bet he had rented that fancy suit he was wearing.


And that’s the problem with trying to get any information at a hotel bar or even online…


There are too many pretenders. Too many wannabes. Too many self-proclaimed gurus. They’re all legends in their own minds, and they’re feeding you bad information.


That stops right here, right now…


You see, I’ve put together an affiliate marketing video-training course that goes beyond the basics of setting up your affiliate business. What you’re about to discover are the REAL secrets of affiliate marketing. These are the actual advanced marketing strategies used by two of the net’s top affiliate marketers to bring down six figures a year… simply by promoting other people’s stuff.


These strategies have worked for years for these two super affiliates. They’ve worked for countless other super affiliates in every niche on the planet. And you can bet these affiliate strategies will work for you too.


Prepare to have your eyes opened to what the super affiliates really do to generate commission checks that are so big they’d make Donald Trump blush.


Let me give you a quick overview of what you’ll discover inside these exciting, jam-packed videos… 


First up, you’ll get a startling look inside the mind of a super affiliate.


Here’s a little secret…


Every super affiliate on the planet started from zero, just like you. They weren’t born with a huge list of prospects, they didn’t have magical super powers that created traffic, and they didn’t use a pocket watch to hypnotize their prospects and make them buy.


But there is ONE thing they might have been born with that you don’t yet have… and that’s a unique mindset that gives them the Midas Touch where every affiliate product they promote turns to gold. Now you’ll find out how to harness five powerful mindset factors for yourself that will give you the mind of a super affiliate.


Next, you’ll discover the surprising truth about what really works in affiliate marketing.


Here’s the deal – there is no one “magic bullet” that will make all your affiliate marketing dreams come true, but there is one thing that comes awfully close…


What is it? It’s testing and tracking.


A lot of affiliates will roll their eyes or discount the idea right now. But if you’re one of those who’s willing to learn, then in this video you’ll find out how the super affiliates keep crushing their competition by tracking, testing and tweaking the most important parts of their campaigns.


Another thing this training program reveals to you is five – count ‘em, five – different ways to get vendors to send you traffic and sales.


Does that sound a little coo-coo crazy? Does it sound like I’m totally smokin’ something? It’s not crazy and I’m not high… just watch these videos and you’ll find out these five surprising traffic-generating strategies for yourself!


Next up, you’ll find out how to negotiate to get the best super affiliate perks on the planet.


You don’t need to be a bona-fide super affiliate to get the best perks – you just need to know how to ask for them. And now in this video you’ll discover the seven sweet perks you can get, plus you’ll find out the best way to approach vendors so you’re almost guaranteed to get everything you ask for!


Another thing you’ll discover is the secret to overcoming bad sales pages.


You know what I’m talking about…


You run into a product that’s the best thing to hit the market since sliced bread. But the sales letter sucks. It looks like a kindergartener scribbled it out while he was off his ADHD meds. This is a sales letter that couldn’t sell a mirror to a raging narcissist.


If you ever run into this sort off drivel, don’t give up on the product until you watch this video to find out the four clever tricks for getting high conversions when the vendor gives you a crappy sales letter. This is a sure way to start closing more sales – you’ll love it.


Another thing you’ll find out is how to put the magnet in your lead magnet.


Most affiliates know they need to lay out an enticing bit of bait on a lead page to capture prospects on their list… but they have no idea how to do it. They’re about as clueless as a nun in a brothel.


That’s why this video gives you four surefire tips for creating lead magnet pages that attract subscribers almost like magic. Plus you’ll find out which tool the super affiliates use to quickly and easily create high-converting lead pages with just a couple clicks of the mouse!


You’ll also find out how to keep your prospects from running off with your competitors.


Here’s the shocking secret: your prospects just aren’t all that into marketing monogamy.

Sure, you want to be the one and only affiliate marketer for all your prospects, but you’re competitors are totally flirting with them. And if you don’t know how to put a stop to this, your prospects will be doing long, romantic walks on the beach with those competitors in not time.


So how do you avoid this? Simple – you train your prospects to come to you FIRST whenever something new hits the market. This video will show you exactly how to do this … so you always get first dibs on the most profitable customers!


Another thing you’ll discover is how to do affiliate marketing like a boss.


You know what? Lots of affiliate marketers are pretty clueless about what makes customers take out their wallets.


That’s good news for you – because when the majority of your competition has no idea what they’re doing, it’s so much easier for you to swoop in and steal their customers. All you have to do is position yourself a certain way in your market, which will create hordes of fans and followers who hang on your every word.


That’s what you’ll find out how to do in this video –and once you use implement this shockingly effective strategy, your affiliate business will catch fire!


And that’s not all…

You’ll also find out the REAL secret of generating big commission checks.


You see, the super affiliates know that the real key to making a ton of sales is all about the level of engagement they have with prospects. The right level of engagement gets prospects to buy something – even if they don’t want the product or their spouse says no.


Now THAT’s power.

If you’d like to learn these extremely effective strategies for yourself, then order this video program now using the link on this page, and you’ll discover five tips for transforming yourself into one of the most powerful influencers in your niche.


And here’s something else…


You’ll also learn how to squeeze every last drop of value out of your assets.


Every day, affiliates all over the web are wasting their biggest assets. They’ve got traffic leaks so big their sites are like sieves. They’re not protecting their reputations, which should be guarded as fiercely as the Hope Diamond. And they’re blowing off their partners – the same partners who could turn a fledgling affiliate business into a six-figure powerhouse.


Don’t be that guy. Don’t waste everything you worked so hard for. Watch this video and you’ll find out how to avoid these mistakes, plus you’ll discover how to leverage your assets to create more traffic, subscribers, sales and cash in the bank.


And that brings us to the next point, where…


You’ll find out the secrets of movin’ on up to the upper echelon of the affiliates in your niche.


You don’t need to settle for an average income. You don’t need to settle for just enough to get by. You can make more. You deserve more. And this course will help you do it, because you’ll get three more mindset tweaks that will get you thinking – and making money -- like a super affiliate.


 There is so much good information packed into these videos that you’ll want to clear your schedule for the rest of the day and watch every single one of them right away. And you can – starting in just a couple minutes from now.


All you have to do to get your hands on the same secrets the super affiliates use to bring down the big commission checks is click the order link on this page.


This is one of the best investments you can make in your affiliate marketing business, and if you act right now you’ll get it at a great price too. So click the order link now to get started – you’ll be glad you did.

11 Lessons

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Step 1

Inside the Mind of a Super Affiliate

Step 2

The Surprising Truth About What Really Works

Step 3

Recruiting Vendors to Slide Money Into Your Pocket

Step 4

Negotiating to Get Super Affiliate Perks

Step 5

The Secret for Overcoming Bad Sales Pages

Step 6

How to Put the Magnet in Your Lead Magnet

Step 7

Give Your Prospects More Bang for Their Buck

Step 8

Affiliate Marketing Like a Boss

Step 9

The Real Secret of Big Commission Checks

Step 10

Squeezing Every Last Drop of Value Out of Your Assets

Step 11

The Secrets of Movin’ on Up